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00:00:00 - Introduction to the Interview

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Partial Transcript: ...this is Seneca Chartrand, we’re in Beausejour Manitoba, at the Two-Spirit Gathering, it’s August 5th 2018, with, and do you want to introduce yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Introduction of the interviewer, Seneca Chartrand, and the interviewee Ryan Buffalo at the Two-Spirit gathering in Beausejour, Manitoba on August 5th, 2018.

00:00:16 - Experiences at Two-Spirit Gatherings

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Partial Transcript: My experiences at gatherings are very comforting. It’s really nice to be around other two-spirited people, in a healthy spiritual environment. It’s really rejuvenating because we can be ourselves and not have to fit into general societal norms.

Segment Synopsis: Buffalo explains how the gatherings are a source of comfort to him and that he feels like he can fully be himself and not have to fit within society’s norms. He describes it as a place to rejuvenate himself.

00:02:35 - Community

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Partial Transcript: My community is -- it has it-- well its ... Maskwacis [laughs] it’s very ... it has its problems like every other reserve that happened with colonialism, and suppression of our culture, and our people.

Segment Synopsis: Buffalo explains he is from Maskwacis First Nation. Buffalo discusses the impacts of colonialism in his community. He also mentions positive aspects such as the culture and traditions. He credits his ceremonial upbringing to his grandfather

00:03:50 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: No, my parents were really young; they were eighteen. When I was young, I thought they were older [laughs] but, now that I think of it, eighteen is super young. It was kind of like a family group raising, like for the most part my mom raised us.

Segment Synopsis: Buffalo reveals that his parents were only eighteen when he was born. He grew up in a big family unit as he spent a lot of time with extended family.
He discusses gender expectations and his own role in the house.

00:07:30 - Journey To Acceptance

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Partial Transcript: I always liked to help my mom with cooking and cleaning, but I always liked to help my Nimosom cut wood and stuff. It was good in the aspect I was unknowingly filling both of these roles of the female side and the male side and not being judged for it, because I was so young but it was more of convenience because they needed help with these things and I was willing to do it. And even as they got older, I would help sew things, and cut wood, or hunt with my parents.

Segment Synopsis: Buffalo considers his journey as a two-spirited person. He explains that he always liked boys. He talks about how he fulfilled both feminine and masculine roles in the house. When he attended his first gathering, he met many members of the community and learned many teachings.

00:11:08 - Safe Space

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Partial Transcript: So it’s more for me in that aspect that where do I feel, that my family would be safe, like where would I feel comfortable with my younger siblings where they feel comfortable with them, where do I feel safe, where do I feel like they would feel safe.

Segment Synopsis: Buffalo discusses he feels safest in the mountains.