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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Hello my name is Brielle Beardy-Linklater and I’m here with... how do you say your name?

Segment Synopsis: Interviewer Brielle Beardy-Linklater and Ma-Nee Chacaby exchange introductions and discuss the purpose of the project/interview. Discusses reasons that brought Chacaby to the interview session.

00:01:34 - Thunder Bay

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Partial Transcript: I’m originally from Thunder Bay. I was born there and I was made there.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby talks about Thunder Bay and what it’s like to be a Two Spirit person there. Chacaby describes the Pride festival in Thunder Bay and talks about the small the LGBTQ+ community which is less visible than other places, but that its beginning to grow

00:06:01 - Two Spirit Family

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Partial Transcript: I identify myself as ahh... a Two-Spirit person or elder some people call me.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby describes herself as Two Spirit and an Elder. Mentions that she doesn’t have one individual as a best friend, but does have a lot of friends, who are like family when they gather.

00:08:31 - Coming out

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Partial Transcript: I heard it in... Well I heard it in Thunder Bay. In... in my own sleep – in my vision.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby describes when she first heard the term Two Spirit. Chacaby talks about when she came out in 1988. Describes conflicts she encountered as a result. Chacaby uses the words “niizhin ojijaak,” her grandmother’s term for Two Spirit. Chacaby also discusses instances of domestic abuse she was a victim of.

00:20:51 - Abuse and Human Rights

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Partial Transcript: Oh... When I became to be that, well, when I left... ok, the day I was beaten...

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby continues to discuss domestic abuse, including having to leave her husband with her children and younger brother, but having to leave her dog behind. As a result, she has believed in standing up for her people and human rights.

00:31:28 - Changes

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Partial Transcript: Oh it was awesome to see that. You know when I came out, several years later seeing people like me out there...

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby describes the changes through history for Two Spirit people. Chacaby is encouraged by younger people, “coming out and speaking up.” Chacaby talks about the Northwest Community Health Centre and the changes to their policies to include two spirt people on medical forms.

00:33:46 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: Yeah I met a few of them. Well, I didn’t talk to them, I ran away from them because they scared me.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby talks about her exposure to Two Spirit individuals as a child. Chacaby first reflects on her grandmother introducing her to the niizhin ojijaak concept and teaching her about having Two Spirits. Tells the story of her friend’s home and their two mothers. Mentions past molestation abuse and her grandmother’s inability to procure help for the situation because she was too old. Moves to discuss how children are still taken from their homes in Indigenous communities and the problems in the social systems. Chacaby also reflects on the Residential School system and how it fosters alcoholism and other issues.

00:44:51 - The Future

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Partial Transcript: Oh I would like to see people... I would like to see the whole nation, like across Canada, all the Anishinaabe, just bind together and start walking to Ottawa or start walking somewhere, someplace, where people will hear us. Just say that’s enough, enough, enough.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby talks about what she would like to see in the future for the Annishinabe in Canada.

00:45:39 - Book

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Partial Transcript: Ohh [laughs] My book and my title? My book comes from what I said, what I witnessed, I think some of it I talk a little bit about the harsh life I had when I was a kid.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby talks about her book A Two-Spirit Journey and its title. Chacaby explains that her book is about her past experiences and hardships. Chacaby talks about the legacy of Residential Schools and on the 60’s Scoop.

00:52:30 - Safe Space

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Partial Transcript: Where do I feel most safe? [thinks] When I’m with my people, like me. When I meet other Two-Spirit people, even when I meet gays and lesbians like in Thunder Bay there’s hardly any Two-Spirit people running around – I don’t know, maybe because they’re too shy or they’re too – they don’t want to be visible.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby says she is most safe when she is with people like her, such as Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ members. Remarks that Thunder Bay is a difficult city to live in but now the community is more open.

00:54:07 - Gatherings

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Partial Transcript: You know... [thinks] I think it’s so important that I am ashamed to see that Thunder Bay doesn’t have Two-Spirit gatherings yet. I wish we could have Two-Spirit gathering in Thunder Bay.

Segment Synopsis: Chacaby remarks that she wishes they could have Two Spirit gatherings in Thunder Bay, but that people aren’t yet interested.