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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: we’ll fill this consent form at the end, which will kind of give you agency over your interview whether you want it made public, whether you want it stored for a while. There’s a couple questions here about the picture. You didn’t want your picture taken.

Segment Synopsis: The Interviewer explains the project and sets up equipment. Introduction of the interviewer, Darrell Chippeway, and the interviewee Maariu Costa, at the Two-Spirit Gathering in Beausejour, Manitoba on August 5th, 2018. Consent to being interviewed is agreed.

00:05:49 - First Gathering

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Partial Transcript: Well, I’m a guest in the sense that it’s not my home territory, but I didn’t register. I wanted to, but by the time I saw the registration, it was the day passed the due date, so I didn’t end up registering in time.

Segment Synopsis: Maariu explains this is their first gathering as a guest, as they and Ker got sponsored to travel from Regina.

00:07:26 - Origins

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Partial Transcript: I’m living in Regina. I’m registered to Peepeekisis First Nation in the File Hills Region. But, some of my ancestors are from there, and some were relocated from Key Reserve

Segment Synopsis: Maariu discloses they currently live in Regina, but is originally from Peepeekisis First Nation in the File Hills Region. They also say some of their ancestors are from Key Reserve. Maariu discusses their Treaty Card and Treaty number. Maariu spent seven years of their childhood in Toronto with their Italian dad.

00:08:15 - Identity and Community

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Partial Transcript: Mostly in Regina. And then about seven years in Toronto when I was younger, because that’s where my dad grew up and his family is. They came over from Sicily

Segment Synopsis: Maariu identifies as Two-Spirited and uses the pronouns they/them. Maariu reveals that it was in their teens that they started exploring sexuality and gender. Maariu explains when they first started wearing skirts, as well as their “coming in”. Maariu discusses the community and relationships their father built.

00:14:31 - Two-Spirited Journey

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Partial Transcript: I think always to some degree, maybe it wasn’t always explicit. When I originally told my mom that I identified as Two-Spirited, she brought up that as a child I would always come to her in this kind of melancholy state...

Segment Synopsis: Maariu explains that since childhood, they always knew they were different. In their teenage years, Maariu had a difficult time with high school, as they felt alone. Maariu explains they were comfortable with their sexuality, but was never “out”.

00:17:52 - Camp and Hunting

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Partial Transcript: So, I took some time off after high school, and then went to university for about a year. And then it was after university, I took off to a camp in the bush.

Segment Synopsis: Maariu describes leaving university to go to a camp in British Columbia. Maariu explains that the camp is set up in the route of a proposed pipeline. Maariu describes building a bunkhouse and sleeping in a hammock in the summer. Maariu explains their love for hunting, and how it fosters their connection to the land.

00:24:56 - Family

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, I mean, both my parents are supportive, and lovely. I think my mom is definitely better of a parent to support me.

Segment Synopsis: Maariu voices that their family is supportive of them. Maariu says that they want to visit Italy one day.

00:26:39 - Safety and Guns

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Partial Transcript: In the bush, because I know how to deal with wildlife, respecting animals and stuff. That’ll be mutual. In the city, people aren’t like that.

Segment Synopsis: Maariu reveals they feel safest in the bush as they know how to deal with wildlife. Maariu explains what to do if they encounter a bear. The topic of guns is then discussed.

00:29:19 - Connection to the Land

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Partial Transcript: Throughout my time going to the different frontlines like this, I’ve met, you know, two-spirited people that are pretty similar to me, like they love being on the land, and hunting.

Segment Synopsis: Maariu’s final thoughts include that even though most two-spirited people reside in urban centres, two-spirited people will always have a connection to land.