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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: No, no, no. I just turned it on just now. And I’m just turning it on now to kind of just give the project a little introduction to you and then who’s ever listening to let them know that I’ve done all the steps properly.

Segment Synopsis: Introduction of the interviewer, Darrell Chippeway, and the interviewee, kēr, at the Two-Spirit Gathering in Beausejour, Manitoba on August 6th, 2018. The interviewer sets up the equipment and describes the project, and asks for verbal consent.

00:03:56 - The Gathering

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Partial Transcript: I really appreciate you participating. I look forward to hearing you respond to these questions. So first, I just want to ask... this is the 2018 Two-Spirited gathering. I had noted that you came with a group called QPOC “Queer Persons of Colour”, how did you end up here?

Segment Synopsis: kēr explains that she lives in Regina, and came to the gathering with QPOC group in Winnipeg. kēr talks about her love for this gathering.

00:08:35 - Regina

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Partial Transcript: I moved to Regina as an adult by myself. But I am a child of the world. I’ve lived a few places, gone around.

Segment Synopsis: After her father’s death, kēr decided to settle in Regina. She connects the most with the indigenous two-spirit community. She mentions the problems with documentation.

00:13:41 - Views on Gender Diversity

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Partial Transcript: In Regina, yeah, there are gender diverse people who are not indigenous, as in indigenous peoples of Canada and or black.

Segment Synopsis: kēr talks about Regina’s views of gender diversity. She feels more comfortable around indigenous and black folk.

00:17:31 - Identity

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Partial Transcript: Oh yes. So, I’ll just start from the start. I’m black.

Segment Synopsis: kēr begins by describing herself as black, intersex, and trans. She functions exclusively in the feminine. Additionally, she calls her gender “fem”.

00:22:19 - Community

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Partial Transcript: My community. Wow, what even is my community though? My community? That’s interesting?

Segment Synopsis: kēr declares that her community is the indigenous peoples of Regina. She then tells a story about how she had to explain to three black men how the indigenous community is her family.

00:26:24 - Trans/Intersex Journey

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Partial Transcript: Oh okay wow. Perfect. Love this. This is a thing we’re doing. This is it. So, I was only this child who somehow was in the middle, or at least, there was a pendulum, and it would swing.

Segment Synopsis: kēr describes her trans/intersex journey from when she was a child to the present. kēr then describes her fight with the health care system.

00:32:02 - Sterility

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Partial Transcript: It’s funny that I’m going to talk about this, because when I was younger, my dad took me to a doctor for a semi unofficial visit.

Segment Synopsis: kēr finds out she is sterile. She is then connected with a doctor to perform confirmation surgery.

00:37:26 - Confirmation Surgery

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Partial Transcript: I did. I had my confirmation surgery. Now, I had a very particular thing that I wanted done.

Segment Synopsis: After the possibility of a delay for her surgery, kēr was very hands on with her experience and is happy with the results.

00:42:23 - Safe and Happy

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Partial Transcript: Where do I feel safest? I feel safest and happiest ... I like how that was super loud, I’m sorry. I feel safest and happiest around -- black indigenous peoples of Canada.

Segment Synopsis: kēr says she feels safest and happiest around trans/queer black and indigenous peoples as her guard is down.